Working With Your Advisor

Whether you are earning your LLM or MJ, it is important to work with your advisor to design a curriculum plan that compliments your work and life responsibilities, meets degree requirements, and includes electives that meet your needs. The entirely online program can be completed in about three years by taking one course per semester and studying year-round, faster by increasing your course load each semester, or even up to five years if necessary.

The program is designed with working professionals in mind and allows you to take up to a year off if needed. In order to meet American Bar Association standards, students must either be enrolled and taking courses or on a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the program at all times. Leaves of Absence may be granted for a semester or up to a year. Work with your advisor prior to beginning your leave.

MSU Email
It is important that you check your MSU e-mail on a weekly basis for important academic information from the Office of Graduate and International Programs, the College of Law Registrar and the University. All official communication regarding classes, billing, graduation, and other matters are sent to your MSU email. Any communication from you to MSU faculty, staff or offices must originate from your MSU account.

Your advisor is here to help with a variety of things. Regular communications are sent from them through email and the Global Food Law Student Community.

Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor at any time for help in selecting and enrolling in courses. Advising is done in a variety of ways including email, phone, Skype and occasionally in person. Request an appointment time.