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I am always looking for more knowledge, for the development of my skills and perspectives on food laws and regulations. I value the knowledge that my peers and faculty members exhibit. Having constant interaction and guidance with MSU Law faculty members is really helping me achieve my academic and career goals.

Ranjeet Klair MJ Toronto, Ontario

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Michigan State University and College of Law Policies

Important policies are found in the Orientation folder of the D2L Global Food Law Student Community.

Important Dates to Remember:

The College of Law Academic Calendar can vary from MSU’s academic calendar. It is important to check the College of Law website for critical dates such as billing, registration, and holidays. Detailed information on where to find dates and deadlines is available in the GFL Student Orientation.

Dates to Keep In Mind:

  • Welcome Call with your Academic Advisor (schedule using the link you received with your acceptance letter)
  • First Day of Classes
  • Add and Drop Dates
  • Billing Dates
  • Enrollment Appointment Times
  • Last Day of Classes
  • Final Exam Dates
  • Applying for Graduation