Accessing Desire2Learn

Accessing Your Courses

To access your courses, you will log in at This is the main page for MSU’s Desire2Learn online course delivery system. You will need to log in using your MSU netID and password. Once in the portal, you will search for courses by number or name. Until you’ve been registered for a course, it will not be available to you. If you need help getting started with Desire2Learn, a student “Quick Start” guide detailing how to use Desire2Learn is available at

If you encounter a problem while using the online course system, you may call MSU’s Desire2Learn helpline at 517-432-6200 or (Toll Free) (844) 678-6200. Helpline staff members are available at all hours to assist you with login problems, system questions, and even problems that are unique to your computer. The helpline staff can also report problems directly to your instructors if you difficulties with the system that prevent you from doing work as assigned. If there is a system problem, hearing from more than one student does assist the staff in resolving the issue, so please call if you have trouble.

MSU’s Virtual University, through Desire2Learn, gives professors the ability to use automated scoring for your online tests, hold online discussions, and provide real-time feedback on quizzes. Many additional online resources, such as links to web sites, blogs and journals, will also be available through your online courses.