Online Master’s Degree in
Global Food Law

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Maintain your work-life balance. No need to relocate or put your career on hold. Our students study online while maintaining their professional and family lives.

Study online with a diverse group of professionals in your industry. Both lawyers and non-lawyers are well represented in the program. Lawyers enroll in the Master of Laws program (LL.M.) and non-lawyers enroll in the Master of Jurisprudence (M.J.) program. Students in the Master of Jurisprudence program receive foundational knowledge in law as part of the program. They hold degrees in food science, food safety, nutrition, microbiology, and a range of other areas.

Build relationships with other experts in your field. Our students are experienced professionals with an average age of 45 years. They are lawyers, VPs, directors and analysts in regulatory affairs, compliance, quality assurance, risk assessment, food safety, labeling and more.

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